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Conditions We Treat

Back Pain Treatment Options in Tempe AZ 85282

Reach out to Dr. Bruce Lubitz to discuss Chiropractic Care for your low back and back pain local to you in Tempe AZ

Our Holistic practice treats many types of health problems

Issues we treat:

Structual problems:

Back pain: Hip pain : Sciatica : Herniated disc: Stenous: Scacro Illiac pain:

Neck Pain: Chronic Headaches and Migraines: TMJ pain: Cranial misalignments: radicular pain:

Braichial plexus problems: Middle back pain : Shoulder blade pain:

Extremities: Feet Pain: Knee Pain: Hip Pain: Hand Pain: Elbow Pain:

Shoulder pain: Carpal Tunnel syndromes:

Internal Problems:

Digestive disorders: Hiatial Hernia: Reflux problems: Candida:

Yeast: Constipation: Bowel issues: Detox Programs

Allergies: Diabetes consuling and program: Weight Loss: Stop Smoking programs

Acupuncture: balancing and pain control

Nutritional custom programs and indivual specific supplementation

Stress reduction: Exercise counseling and programs.

Available for speaking engagements for your company on many topics related to all health and work place issues.