The Body’s Communication System

Dr. Bruce Lubitz
Community Holistic Health Clinic
Tempe Arizona

Can your body tell you what is wrong and what you need to fix it?

Have you ever wondered if your body is so intelligent how come so many of us are sick or in pain?The answer to that is if this was a perfect world where our food, environment, Family, job, stress was not with us, then the body should work as it is supposed to. However, since we do not live in a perfect world our bodies intelligence does the best it can under these circumstances. This is where we need to assist the body, and understanding how the body works and what it wants to assist it can make the difference between us living well or not.

So the question is how can we tap into this intelligence. This is where using muscle testing in our chiropractic office, can allow us to know what we need to do to assist the body.

Scientist studied how the nervous system communicates. They knew that nerves send electrical impulses through synapses firing from one nerve to another. They tested patients several ways measuring the effects that different types of influences would affect these electrical impulses. They measured multiple types of stressors and then correlated it with the patient’s symptoms.They found a decrease of electrical impulses in the nerves that were the pathways to the areas of complaints. The scientist then went back to these decreased electrical pathways and then restimulated them again with things like pressure heat cold etc and then measured the electrical output again. They found that there was a drop again in the electrical impulses but not only in those pathways but all the body’s electrical system.They included the body has a system to protect its circuits from overloading.

That is the basis of how the use of muscle testing can be used to tell us what the bodies intelligence wants us to do. When we test a strong muscle at the same time and touch a another area on the body if the muscle reduces in strength then we know that there is a problem in the area we are touching, Then we can apply several types solutions to see what the body wants to function again. Is it a physical or nutritional or emotional solution. When we find the answer the body wants it immediately responds and the muscle goes strong. This is the basis of a technique called Applied Kinesiology that we use in our Community Holistic Health Clinic which is a chiropractic office in Tempe Arizona.

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