Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is the most common problem that Chiropractic Doctors see in their Tempe offices. More days are lost from work than any other condition that Chiropractors treat. The question is why is back pain is such a problem today. The answer is not so simple. Your back is composed of bones called vertebra which protect the spinal column and provide support so we can stand upright. The disc between the vertebras which act as a shock absorber, and the ligaments and muscles that surround all of the bones and discs. The vertebrae have exit points where the nerves exit to go to all parts of your body preventing back pain from occurring.

Any one of these components can then cause pain. We all have heard of pinched nerves, subluxations, which means the bones have moved out of their normal position causing pressure on the nerves resulting in back pain. Herniated and bulged discs cause pain. Degenerative joint disease and Arthritis are all causes of back pain in the spine. There are muscle and ligament issues and combinations of all of these which can cause back pain. All of these factors and more can be the cause of back pain.

Treating your Back Pain in Tempe

This is what makes treating this condition so allusive. Most medical doctors would rather treat any other problems then back pain. Medical solutions try to deal with these problems with drugs and injections or surgery to reduce the inflammation or pain. Rarely, do they address the specific cause of the problems. There are many Many types of doctors that specialize in back treatment many have limited success.

Your Local Tempe Chiropractic Office and Back Pain

Our Tempe chiropractic office has treated over 40.000 patients in forty-two years, the majority have back problems and back pain, without using drugs or surgery, naturally. We find the cause of your problem and then through various techniques we are able to correct the problem. After 42 years and thousands of back pain problems we are able to identify which of the causes of your back pain problems and whether we use manipulation, applied kinesiology, soft tissue work or physiotherapy to relieve your back pain. What makes our Tempe chiropractic clinic so successful is we look for the cause not at the symptom and then use the proper technique to alleviate your problem.