About Hip Pain

The hip is where your femur bone joins the pelvis at an area called the hip joint. This is an area which will usually be associated with more problems and pain as we age. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that is surrounded with supporting tissue, due to injury or aging, this tissue begins to wear out causing a degeneration of the head of the femur. This is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort in the hip joint or radiation of pain into the buttocks or down the leg. As the surrounding tissue wears down, pain increases and damage can be seen with x-rays or an MRI. In the early stages, sometimes the hip is moved out of its normal position due to trauma or pelvic imbalance causing pain.

Hip Pain Treatment with Chiropractic in Tempe

If that is the case Chiropractic manipulation of the hip can relieve the pain and stop the degeneration . The hip has to be tested in both a extended and flexed position to see which of these two positions put the hip out of place and then put back in that position. We use muscle testing to find which of these position to perform a Chiropractic adjustment to alleviate pain. If the hip degeneration becomes too advanced it may be necessary to undergo surgery to replace your hip joint.

Considering Chiropractic Care for Hit Pain with you Local Tempe Chiropractor

Before then you should try to use conservative treatments to help yourself. Chiropractic Manipulation, Injections , Physical therapy are a few of the therapies to try. We use Chiropractic manipulation and Acupuncture to balance and relieve your hip pain in our office. Over our forty-two years, we have treated hip pain on thousands of patients with Chiropractic successfully stopping their pain and the need for more radical treatments. Many patients come in with pain not in their hip but they have pelvic issues. We are experts in finding whether you truly have a hip or a pelvic or low back issue. Call Dr. Bruce Lubitz, your local Tempe Chiropractor to find out how Chiropractic can help you.