Chiropractic Treatment to Fix Shoulder Pain Naturally

Tempe chiropractor Dr. Bruce Lubitz has helped thousands of patients who suffer from shoulder pain using natural treatments that do not require drugs or surgery even in cases that have been chronic for many years. As a health club physician, he has treated many athletes and weightlifters after they have hurt themselves in the gym. Dr. Lubitz uses techniques that allow your body to heal naturally by giving it the resources that your body needs. When examining a shoulder you have to take into consideration the parts of the shoulder, the bones, connecting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. You have to rule out any breaks, tears and how it fits into the shoulder girdle. After examining all of those you need to test all the muscles that are involved with the shoulder for weakness and range of motion. It is also important that the elbow is checked as well. In our holistic chiropractic clinic, we also check the cervical and thoracic spine to make sure that there is no nerve interference. Only after checking all of these parts can we decide what the body needs to eliminate your shoulder pain.

Tempe Shoulder Pain Treatment Methods

Now we are then ready to apply the proper treatment for your shoulder pain. Sometimes you may only need to do a simple manipulation of the shoulder to reset it back into the shoulder girdle. It is amazing how many shoulder problems are that simple to fix and all the medication, physical therapy will not reset the shoulder by itself that I’ve witnessed in my time in Tempe. Also if any of the muscles are weak we need to balance them out, using muscle testing, we can find the source of the weakness by supplying either vascular, lymphatic, or muscle, physical therapy, strengthening exercises through applied kinesiology techniques. If the problem is in another area such as the misaligned vertebra in the neck or middle back we can adjust those bones taking the pressure off the nerves.

Shoulder Pain Testing to Ensure Proper Care

We always test the shoulder in all its range of motion to see which motion is restricted and painful. Once we identify that, we can see if we need to reset the proprioceptors fiber attachments by using natural balancing acupuncture techniques. Combining all of these solutions together is what gives your body the best chance of healing on its own. Treatment of the shoulder can be a simple fix or it may need a combination of all of these factors to give your body the best healing approach without using drugs, or surgery.

Your local Tempe Chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Lubitz, has successfully treated Chiropractic issues such as Shoulder Pain for over 42 years. If you live in Tempe and find that you are experiencing shoulder pain, give him a call. Chiropractic care has been a natural and effective treatment for shoulder pain and any associated injuries. If you have not been to a Chiropractor before, we provide free consultations to have a conversation about your specific needs and to learn if Chiropractic is right for you.