Patients often come into our Tempe office complaining of wrist pain. They have gone to their family physician who told them they are probably suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome which is a condition where the carpal tunnel in the wrist is compressed causing pressure on a nerve causing pain in the wrist. We have found that many of this diagnosis has been incorrect. When examining the wrist you need to look at stretched ligaments, Strained muscles, tendons, dislocated joints and even hairline fractures and that is only on the wrist itself. We have found several other causes of wrist pain.

Common Causes of Wrist Pain

We have found several other common causes of wrist pain which can also cause pain and is often overlooked by most doctors.Other causes of wrist pain include the hand bones which can be subluxated (out of alignment), the wrist bones itself can be misaligned and the doctor has to examine it in all positions extension, flexion, rotation etc. We have to examine the elbow as well as the shoulder for misalignments any other these can cause radicular wrist pain. As a Tempe Chiropractor, we also have to examine the cervical spine and upper thoracic spine to see if there’s any pressure on the nerve that goes down to the wrist causing pain in the wrist.

How your Chiropractor Can Help with your Wrist Pain

As you see your chiropractor can help locate and fix many of the problems I have described without drugs and painful surgeries. Before you decide to seek out a surgeon think about seeing a chiropractor and if you’re in Tempe Arizona come to see me.