Prevention and reversing AD.

Thee brains the body’s most powerful organ with over 100 trillions connections. It need s fuel to run the body’s main fuel is glucose. Ketones can fuel the brain after daily glucose is used up as in fasting. Ketones are a much stronger fuel than glucose. Taking coconut oil goes directly to the liver and produces Ketones to fuel the brain and unlike glucose it does not nee3e insulin to enter cells . Ketones actually can increase blood flow to th3e brain. Ad. Is growing at a scary rate along with diabetes. IN AD too much insulin floods the brain damaging blood cells and the brain cells die ,

The brain becomes insulin resistant with diabetes and cannot function losing its normal abilities and leading down the path of Alzheimer’s. Countries that consumes the most coconut oil have the lowest death rates from Alzheimer’s. Diet plays the biggest role in whether or not you’ll develop AD. If your diabetic or becoming prediabetic we recommend adding coconut oil to your diet. Try first a teaspoon in your foods or and later a large tablespoon. If someone already has symptoms of AD. Add it at every meal. The goal is to work up to 4-6 tablespoons of oil per day spread over several meals. Another extract known as Chinese Acetyl Moss has shown to be safe and effective to be a natural way to fight AD. Another product that has shown to be useful is Curcumin along with vitamin d3. Wild caught coldwater fish like salmon is one of the best natural sources to take.