Aging is no longer what it used to be , you can remain young today with new knowledge and practices, our bodies can take us into a longer and healthier life. More and more people are reaching into one hundred years and beyond and the future holds even more years added to our life.

Aging is the impact of time on our body we have no choice to getting old but we can change the effects of aging. Our goal is to live , healthy, vibrant, pain free lives without suffering the damaging effects that can come with aging.

DNA are the signals that tell our body how and what to do to function, at the end of the DNA molecules is the Telomeres they hold the DNA together and keep it from unraveling. Think of it like the eraser at the end of a number 2 pencil. As damage occurs over time the telomere are used up. It exist so the real DNA doesn’t get destroyed. When they are used up the DNA cant reproducer and the cell and dies.

A second factor in aging is The Stem Cells that we all have inherited at birth. Science has found that we have approximately stem cell for every ten thousands cells we are born with and this amount will be all we are given. lWe will use up around 90% of these stem cells by the time we reach our 20’s and we will have to live the remainder of our lives with the remaining 10%. This is critical because we need these stem cells for all functions that are bodies need to survive. As we age we have less and less of these cells to repair and it takes more time for the cells to divide and grow. As we have more demands put on our bodies as we age we are not able to keep up with the demands and so we age and deteriorate.

So to grow older and stay younger we need two address these two specific areas. How to keep our telomeres from damage and how can we supply more Stem Cells to our body.

Telomeres can be greatly influenced by eating. The first thing is a healthy diet that reduces inflammation is critical It is a major contributor to disease. Inflammation seems to cause telomeres to shorten faster. You can control inflamation and reduce its effects through diet of low carbohydrates, high protein and fats. Eliminating sugars and grains will reduce inflammation and reduce disease risk. For protein Choose grass fed meats , fish like wild salmon sardines, pacific halibut. Organically raised, free range chickens and eggs

Vegetables should be organic as well as produce. Are the best choice of telomere-protective foods.

Exercise on a consistent level has also shown to reduce the effects of reducing the size of your telomeres.

Vitamins, such as super multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil, coenzyme q 10 and vitamin D are all very useful in maintaining your telomeres.

Stress management is also a important component on your telomeres. We all heard that stress is a killer and they are right. We need t reduce our stress to stay healthy

Learning to cope with our stress makes a big difference on how we age. In our next health tips we will discuss the new component that through science is allowing us to live longer than ever before and will change the psrameters of our lives in the next few years.

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells are the next step in a long healthier life.