Today a new revolution is taking place in natural health care and anti-aging . RM (Regenerative medicine ) is more than just Stem Cells . RM is revolutionizing the treatments of chronic pain and inflamation in the Knees, Shoulders, hips, elbow, wrist, back pain and Neuropathy problems. Virtually every medical school and university are having studies today throughout the world of how to use RM in various types of diseases and antiaging. Stem cells are cells we are born that have the ability to change into different type of cells and tissues for our bodies needs, to sustain our lives. These cells have the ability to change into many types of tissues to replace worn and damaged cells. In all processes of your life stem cells are used to repair and rebuild what your body needs. You are given at birth a inheritance of these cells that have to last a lifetime. By the time you have fully grown you have used up approximately 90 % of your stem cells and have only 10% for the rest of your life. Think of this as your parents giving you a bank account and that’s all you get, as you use it you have less in the account to use. As we age we cant keep up to the demands of our bodies need for these cells so we start to age RM uses not only these stem cells to replace and repair, but science has learned how to use the end products of birth tissues and growth factors, and its many benefits to use with molecular biology, using ammonitic fluid, placenta tissue, Wharton’s Jelly and cord blood as well as PRP (plasma enriched platelets), to replace and rebuild, with brand new cells. These cells are full adult stem cells, and are able to replicate every 20 plus hours to reproduce itself and over a month you will have over a billions of these adult stem cells to help your bodies functions. Its like drinking from the fountain of youth!! New cells to replace ,repair and rebuild worn out dying tissues inside you again. As we age we have not had enough of these stem cells to repair and keep up to our bodies needs so we age and degenerate as we grow older. Now we are able to inject into the body these new adult stem cells and birth products with their growth factors to help restore and heal tissues the body needs to maintain itself in spite of our age. Together with keeping our telomeres longer, our diets healthier, continued exercises, nutrition and reducing of our stresses, we have the ability to take our lives and live longer healthier and pain free lives but its in your hands

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