Headaches and Migraine headaches are one of the most common problems that todays society lives with and too often accepts that they have to live with. Dr. bruce Lubitz has treated and resolved patients headache over the last 44 years. He has treated multiple causes of headaches that are often overlooked by medical providers who have given out medications to reduce the pain but not the cause of these headaches, so the problem persists and people accept that they have to go on suffering these headaches.

Problems, like cranial, TMJ, occipital bones, chronic neck muscles, digestive problems, and vertebral misalignments can often be the major contributing factors in headache and migraine pain issues. Use of natural techniques without drugs can remove the cause of these conditions to give you a permanent solution.

We are offering you a free Headache and Migraine, screening for anyone who has been suffering form these chronic conditions.

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Dr. Bruce lubitz