The Hip is where the Femur bone joins the pelvis at a area called the Hip joint. This is an area which will usually be associated with more problems as we age. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that is surrounded with supporting tissue, due to injury or aging this tissue begins to wear out causing a degeneration of the head of the femur. This is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort in the hip joint or radiation of pain into the buttocks, or down the leg. As the surrounding tissue wears down pain increases and damage can be seem on x-rays or a MRI. In the early stages sometimes the hip is moved out of its normal position due to trauma or pelvic imbalance. If that is the case manipulation of the hip can relieve the pain and stop the degeneration. The hip has to be tested in both a extended and flexed position to see which of these two positions put the hip out of place and then it should be put back in that position. We use muscle testing to find which of these position to adjust. If the hip becomes to advanced it may be necessary to undergo surgery to replace your hip joint. But now Regenerative medicine can stop the degeneration in many cases and help the body rebuild worn out tissues that in many cases will heal the joint preventing you from hip replacements. Thousands of hip suffers around the world are now going to this treatments for all types of degenerative joints and arthritis problems to help restore and use the bodies healing abilities to remedy and make new again these problems. Over the last 44 years treating thousands of hip problems naturally we can say we are experts finding whether you truly have a hip ,pelvic or low back problem. Call our office to come in to see how we can help you stop these problems. Call (480) 933-6950