Tempe’s missing link in low back pain

Dr. Bruce Lubitz D.C.
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The missing link in most low back pain issues is the role that the pelvis has in low back pain. This is something many Tempe residents encounter. Low back pain is the most common problem that affects people today. It is the number one problem the Doctors see in their Tempe offices. It is also the most misunderstood, and gets the least results that a typical Doctor sees since many don’t address the root cause. Why is low back pain such a mystery, and one the typical Doctor dreads seeing in his office. The answer lies in the fact that most of the solutions the average Doctor has are drugs, used to reduce pain and inflammation, but not go after the structural cause of the problem. Therefore, the back pain problems persists, and in too many cases, continue to worsen. The average Doctor, after giving medications will refer out to physical therapist or orthopedic Doctors. The real problem is that this is a physical problem and it needs aphysical solution that Chiropractic helps. When we look at the low back, the structures are vertebrae, disc, ligaments, muscles in the spine.

What we also need to look at which is most often missed by most Doctors is the pelvis. Why is the pelvis so important? It is the foundation which everything above the pelvis rests on. If there is a problem at the pelvis level everything else will have to react to it. The pelvis is made up of three bones, you have the bone in the middle called the sacrum and below the sacrum is the coccyx, The two outside bones next to the sacrum are called the iliums, Where the sacrum meet the ilium on each side is called the sacroiliac joints. This joint is paramount in many low back problems. This is a very large joint and it makes up with the sacrum your pelvis. If one of the sacroiliac joints starts to separate the body will try to compensate for this instability by trying to move the whole pelvis to take the stress off of the lesion.

Commonly heard, are patients that tell you of a history that they periodically have pain which last from a few days or weeks then they feel better, but a few times a year they have these episodes of low back pain.

Something that is common in the Tempe area. Usually it will continue to get worse and worse as the joint becomes more unstable and deterioration and damage worsen over time. Think of a rope where its strands break and still it holds but over time as the breaking continues one time the rope comes apart. The same is true with a sacroiliac tear, these are the cases where they come hardly able to stand or they come into the office in a crooked position. If it is not fixed properly by manipulation, to put it back in place where it originally was and then allow time to heal it will continue in most cases to come back and worsen over time. This is missing link that is most often overlooked in many low back problems.

Call Dr. Bruce Lubitz, your local Tempe Chiropractor regarding you back pain issues to find out if Chiropractic is the right choice for you. For decades we have been treating patients with back and low back pain in Tempe.

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