What Vitamins Do I Need to Take to Be Healthy?

What vitamins do I need to take to be healthy? This is a question we hear all the time from our patients. First, you do need to supplement if you have the typical American diet. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, chemicals, depleted vitamins and microwaved. Today foods that are grown have a lot less nutritional value than 50 years ago So I believe if you want to be healthy than you need to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. The question is which ones do you need to take when there are so many choices and so many brands. You can’t take all of them. I recommend that my patients find a good multiple vitamin/mineral combination to start, if, over the age of 30, you need to supplement a digestive product that has HCL in the formula. You also should take a probiotic that contains multiple sources of bacteria. If you are having a lot of stress in your life I also recommend taking an adrenal product. I would consider this as a base. In addition, you should also take a vitamin D supplement today as well. This is your foundation. Then depending on your health and symptoms, I would add special products to your base.

How then do you know which products to buy? The answer to that is complicated because you can listen to all the hype out there and waste a lot of money on products that promise a lot but deliver little. I get every day in the mail about this super product that will allow you to live to one hundred years or more and this product that will cure you in 30 days all of them with great testimonials. If you believe them, all of us will live forever and feel perfect. This product is the one that you have been waiting for. I test many of these products and find that most of them do not do as they claim.

So what should you do? The answer is in yourself, Your body knows more what it needs than any advertisement. I tell my patients to bring in many products of the same kind and we test them on you. I do not care if it is cheap or expensive what matters is how your body responds to the product. We use muscle testing to determine what your body wants and needs. Find a doctor who uses muscle testing or learn how to do it yourself then you can finally be able to find what is the best products for you or else it is just guessing.

Dr. Bruce Lubitz is a Chiropractor in Tempe, AZ who has taken seriously the effects a proper supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals has on one’s health. If you are not familiar with Chiropractic, please visit the rest of our website. Call Dr. Bruce Lubitz for a consultation on Supplementation to better your health.

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