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Stenosis Treatment from your local Tempe Chiropractor
Stenosis is a common condition that your local
Chiropractor can help with. Dr. Bruce Lubitz is an experienced Chiropractor
in Tempe with years of success.

Stenosis what is it?

Stenosis is pressure being placed on a vertebral disc on a nerve root at

where the nerve exits. This is called foramina stenosis or centrally,
towards the spinal canal, called central canal stenosis, which usually
results in pain in the area or pain radiating down the nerve pathway. If
you are experiencing this condition, it has been developing over quite some
time even if you have not had symptoms and in most cases, there is a
degenerative joint disease which is a spinal condition in the form of
arthritis. This progressive disease continues to worsen over time and is
has been seen by Chiropractors for quite some time. Medication, pain pills,
muscle relaxers only tend to hide your symptoms, unlike Chiropractic, but
the cause of your symptoms the structural problems will remain.

Chiropractic Care and Stenosis

Chiropractic starts to correct the structural problems by moving the
vertebra taking pressure off of the nerves. In many cases, Chiropractic
adjusting can take the pressure off of the disc and help to alleviate your
pain. In some cases the degeneration is so severe even chiropractic can’t
help and surgical intervention may be necessary. However, before you
consider that you should first see a chiropractor who has had experience
with Stenosis cases. In our 41 years, we have seen thousands of patients
who have Stenosis problems and we have been able to help using many
techniques such as chiropractic, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, spinal
decompression and, nutrition. This full-scale approach with an experienced
Chiropractor is an option worth considering before you decide on Surgery.

Common Symptoms of Stenosis:

-Back Pain
-Leg Pain
-Leg Fatigue
-Imbalance while walking
-Urinal and/or Bowel Issues