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Temporomandibular Joint

What is TMJ and Chiropractic Care

The TMJ is one of the most overlooked joints in the body and is something we often treat in our Tempe office. The TMJ is located where your jaw meets your skull at the mandible. What makes this joint so important is that this is the body’s relay of information to the brain in real time. The TMJ sends information to your brain as it happens. An example of the TMJ is, let’s say, you’re on a train traveling to New York from San Francisco. The train has to pass through Chicago but there are so many tracks that if it does not get on the right one it may end up somewhere else than it’s supposed to. So it is important that the switching mechanism that controls the tracks is working properly to make the switch at the right time if it makes the switch to early or late the train will not be on the right track to go to New York. The TMJ is like that, it needs to immediately send the right information to the brain so the brain can make the right moves for the circumstance. Many who experience issues with their TMJ go to their local chiropractor near them to alleviate the pain commonly associated with it.

TMJ Chiropractic treatment options in Tempe

The TMJ also plays an important role in many functions of the body including Headaches, Migraines, neck pain, and more which are common conditions we treat here in our Tempe office. In our Tempe chiropractic office, we always check that the TMJ is balanced in all positions. This means in open, closed, chewing, lateral, medial, forward positions. Each position is important and if one or more of these are out of place information may not be sent correctly, and the right information may not go to the brain leading to the wrong response or pain in the jaw may occur.

Dr. Bruce Lubitz your local Tempe Chiropractor

Bruce Lubitz’s Tempe Office uses an Applied Kinesiology technique to see which of these are out and then adjust that segment to correct it to alleviate pain in. Through muscle testing, we can find the right position the jaw needs to be put in and then use manipulation or muscle work to correct the jaw. Call our Tempe office to have a consultation regarding any pain you may be experiencing. We are local to you right here in Tempe, AZ and look forward to helping you!

Your Tempe Chiropractor,

Dr.Bruce Lubitz DC.FIAC.

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