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A year ago i was having accute pain in my right lung, I assumed it was lung cancr decided to come see Dr. Lubitz. He told me that i was in luck and that it was just a out of place rib causing the pain. After 3 sessions it was completly gone and zero pain has returned. I was a sceptic at first for "Holeistic" medicine, but Dr. Lubitz has made me a believer.


I noticed as my health began to deteriorate. I began feeling a variety of back aches, headaches, fatigue, depression, mood swings, insomnia, and the start of the female change. I felt I lost my spark of life, by the end of the year I felt "dead all over". I started seeing Dr. Lubitz in december, he was able to explain to me that i had candida and provide treatment, 3 weeks later I feel "fabulous!"


Skin Magic

I have been dealing with acne since the 5th grade. Have had many perscriptions that are suppose to help and never did. I had began going to see Dr. Lubitz with my father and he mentioned Skin Magie, at first i didnt ask much about it, just another product a thought. One day at Dr. Lubitz office my father decided to press the issue and asked the doctor about Skin Magic, he went ahead and purchased a bottle for me. In a matter of days i noticed amazing results.


Back Pain

After months of physical therapy, Cortisone injections and Epidural shots and stilll zero relief. My life had been taken over because of my pain, i just wasn't me anymore. I began seeing Dr. Lubitz who advised me of a new treatment table for disk pain. After a few treatments i was feeling much better. I was able to sit, stand, move in general with no pain.


"I spent 7 months in a weelchair and in 1 adjustment I'm walking again", I had been in terrible pain in my lower back and my legs. I had seen many specialist and no relief. Dr. Lubitz said "I'm no miracle worker." but i highly disagree.


I had been having constant pain doing normal things such as, sleeping, excercising, sleeping. I couldnt afford to take time off from work and work just contributed to the pain. I began seeing Dr. Lubitz and after my treatment plan was completed i feel better than ever. Work isnt as dificult and i can workout and stay fit and happy, completely pain free.


Extremity Pain

I am a nail technician and for the past few months I had been having pain in my wrists and hands and in my profession the pain just progressed as my work days went on. I began seeing Dr. Lubitz to see what he could do. After he looked at my wrists and hands and putting the bones back in place I feel so much better. The week after see him, i worked everyday 8 hrs a day zero pain.


My first visit to the community holistic health clinic was in the 80's with pain in my right wrist and preventing me from doing many of the hobbies i have grown to love over the years. After only two treatmentsI was back enjoying life. Since then I have come to be treated whenever i have had a problem that no one else could figure out. Visits to the clinic have helped relieve my headaches, knee injury, foot injury, back pain and many other things. I feel better everytime.


I jazzercized for many years, doing a number on my knees and ankles. Dr. Lubitz adjusted my knees and ankles years ago and since then i seldom have pain and my balance its stablised. If I start to feel any strain on any body part i visit Dr. Lubitz and everything is always incredibly better.



The initial visit to see Dr. Lubitz I was being seen for a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. I have been a soccer player for years and i suffered 2 minor injuries which caused headaches that were mind numbing. I began treatment with Dr. Lubitz and after a few visits the pain and headaches were gone completly. I contiune to see Dr. Lubitz Regularly he is a miracle worker.


I have suffered from T.M.J. for several years and have been wearing mouth guards for the last year. It hadbegan to get so bad that when I ate my jaw would ofter lock. After one adjustment for Dr. Lubitz, i immediately expierenced relief. I was able to open my mouth wider than i have in the last three years and without any pain.


I have been coming here for two years. I was having horrible headaches when i first started coming here. After a few adjusments, the intensity of my headaches had subsided tremendously. It wasnt to long after a few more treatments that my headaches were completely gone.



I had been in a severe car accident where my vehicle had been totaled. I began seeing Dr. Lubitz for the pain in both my upper and lower back, my neck, and my pelvis. I have been recieving adjustments for a little over a month and my pain has deminished completely. I feel that coming here i have to say my quality of life has increasingly improved.


I had been in a severe motorcycle accident about 3 mo ago, broke my tailbone and knocked ribs, spine verterbraes, muscles and ligaments all out of place. I dont have the money to take time off from work so i would come home in even more pain. After seeing Dr. Lubitz I gained full range of motion and the pain in my broken tailbone was not as bad even with the break.


I came to the office after an auto accident and my original intentions were just to see what the damage was and what it was going to take to get it fixed. Dr. Lubitz did some test and informed me of many problems that i would not have noticed and could have made some serious damage to my prior injuries. the next few months i was lucky enough to have the finest staff working for me at Dr. Lubitz office.



After having my first born child, i just was feeling like myself. I was drained and out of balance. After seeing Dr. Lubitz i noticed my energy level was back to where it needed to be. Dr. Lubitz was also helping me with my allergies by using crystal therapy. The problem was i could no longer wear make up my body just rejected it and with the therapy i can now.