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Natural remedies for cancer treatments

Cancer takes almost 600,000 lives each year. In spite of early prevention it continues to grow each year.

We do know how to reduce your risk of cancer. Treating and managing the disease is very profitable .Preventing it is not. The conventional treatments for cancer is radiation, chemo therapy or surgery. Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of damaged cells. I am not going to discuss the effectiveness of the standard treatments but just give you some of the natural supplements that are recommended by alternative doctors.

1. MCP (Modified citrus pectin) Prevents cancer cells from adhering together and other tissues.

2. Certain mushrooms have power to stimulate the immune system like shiitake mushrooms

3. AHCC a medicinal combination mushrooms helps the body to destroy cancer cells

4. Wheat germ prohibit growth of cancer cells in product Avemar. Cuts off the energy supply by blocking glucose, increases the rate that cancer cells self-destruct.

5. Reduce inflammation in the body by fasting, stop eating sugars in any forms, stick to organic fruits ,vegetables, and fish, fowl and meats.

6. Intravenous vitamin c lowers inflammation and breaks down into hydrogen peroxide which cancer cells can’t defend against it.

7. Increase iodine intake to help fight breast cancers.

8. Take shark liver oil sharks don’t get cancer.

This is only a few of the vitamins and products that you should research and contact .If you are into looking at natural approaches a great resource is https://. bestanswerforcancer.org/find-a-physician/cat/IPT and,

Contact the institute for natural healing for more information and referrals. Always check with your physicians and look at all information available to you.