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Community Holistic Health Clinic

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Reverse your Diabetes naturally from home

If you of someone you know has type 2 Diabetes this email and text can save your life or the life of someone you know.

As you may know, one of the most underlying preexisting conditions of corona virus deaths is Diabetes, which means if you have type 2 diabetes, you have a much higher incidence of dying from the virus than non-diabetics.


We are now official distributors of a program called HELP YOUR DIABETES (HYD). HYD is the world’s leading experts at reversing type 2 diabetes. They have 17 clinics open across the U.S. with 12 more being built. They have just launched their digital platform, which means you can join their program from the comfit your home.


1.GO TO WWW.HelpyourDiabetesnow/drbrucelubitz

Schedule an appointment to watch and online video showing you how to reverse your type 2 Diabetes

Then have an online video consultation to discuss how to get started

Patient safety and well being is our #1 priority that’s why we are so excited we can reverse your Diabetes and get you off your medication… without the risk of leaving homes.

What happens when you reverse your Diabetes, your primary MEDICAL PHYSICIAN will wean you off all your diabetes medication in 6 months or less because you will not need them anymore. PLUS if you are like many of our patients you will likely get off your blood pressure, gout, neuropathy medications too.

They offer a 100% guarantee if after completing the program you still have diabetes and need to take medication they will refund you alot of the money you paid and give you $500 dollars for just trying the program.